Poolex Triline Selection 320 Tri - 32 KW heat pump

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Poolex Triline Selection 320 Tri - 32 KW heat pump.
Three-phase heat Poolex Triline Selection 320 sorting for pool of 160 to 220 m3 heating pump (depending on region).

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Poolex Triline Selection 320 Tri - 32 KW heat pump.
Three-phase heat Poolex Triline Selection 180 sorting for 110 to 140 m3 pool heating pump (depending on region):
Specially designed for large volume of water pools
Three-phase power
Coefficient of Performance (COP) greater than 5
Technology patented antifreeze Poolex
Vertical design for a small footprint
DAIKIN compressor performance
Anti-UV reinforced ABS shell
Compatible salt treatment
Touch Touch & Go

Pool Poolex Triline Selection 320 - 32 KW heat pump.
The range of Triline Selection heat pumps is available in 4 models according to the volume to heat and power. Three-phase version of the Jetline Selection, the range Triline Selection range is designed to heat large volumes. Thanks to its associated with some excellent rotating compressors vertical design, chooses for their performance and reliability, the range Triline Selection guarantees you excellent levels of performance with a small footprint.
Designed to work from-10 ° C, the range Triline Selection features including an exchanger in titanium with membrane antifreeze patented, guaranteed for life against chemical corrosion and you can start to use your heat pump very early in the season.
Supplied with a control panel to display digital, full touch, Triline Selection heat pumps are very easy to program and the controls are intuitive and easy two-step.

Poolex: heat pumps performance and quality.
Performance and reliability to your pool service.

Offering high-performance models with an excellent quality/price very early, Poolex ranges quickly established itself as the essential Ray heat pumps. Now find out the latest with the Triline Selection range, specially designed for the heating of large river basins and running via a three-phase supply.
With the special heat pump large volumes Triline Selection discover a pump heat whose components have been carefully selected for their performance and reliability so you can heat your pool up to 220 m3 using part of free and natural energy.

A heat pump for large pools at low prices.

In order to make it accessible to the largest number of pool heat pumps, Poolex is distinguished from its competitors by offering models of excellent factory at affordable prices. Combining quality, performance and reliability, heat Poolex Triline Selection 180 pump is thus sold at a fair price.

Excellent guarantees for peaceful use.
With the acquisition of this pump Triline Selection 180 heat dedicated to large pools, guests have many guarantees: 5 years on the compressor warranty Selection 3 years on the structure, and above all, the lifetime of the heat exchanger warranty against chemical corrosion. Calmly enjoy your heat pump, Poolex deals with you in case of problems!

Discover the pump Triline Selection 320 heat in details.
Excellent performance.
Among the best Coefficient of Performance (COP) European.
The energy performance of a swimming pool heat pump is measured by his COP (coefficient of performance). It represents the ratio between energy consumed and returned energy. A heat with a COP 5 pump restores 5 kW for 1 kW consumed, and therefore delivers 80% of free energy. Thus, more the COP, the more the heat pump is powerful and efficient energy.
Poolex Triline Selection 180 heat pump has a COP of greater than 5, thanks to a quality Selection compressor, a heat exchanger with double coil and an evaporator performance.

Features to simplify your life.
A cap of reversibility for optimal comfort.

Poolex heat pumps are said to be reversible, that is to say that they can both heat and cool your pool. This gives you extra comfort in being able to slightly lower the temperature of your water if necessary.
You have three modes of operation:
heating mode: only heats the water of basin
cooling mode: only cold water from your pond
automatic mode: heats or cools the water of your pool according to its temperature and the chosen temperature
Automatic mode allows to offer more conveniences in terms of use. Once the temperature selected, you don't have to worry about the programming of the heat pump.

Actually, extend your swimming season.
With an extended operating temperature range, between - 10 ° C to 43 ° C, Poolex Triline Selection heat pumps allow you to significantly extend your swimming season and enjoy the most of your pool year round, even in very cold weather.

The Touch & Go system for ease of use.
Through his new system of programming Touch & Go, Poolex Triline 180 Selection heat pump program extremely simple two-step: turning on the device via a command On / Off and the selection of the temperature directly on the interface. Just you a few minutes to set your pump to heat thanks to its ergonomic programming screen.
Of course, the heat pump will start that in case the filter is running, in the opposite case, the flow switch will not fire and security will prevent the heat pump to start.
This gives you ease of programming and security to ensure the sustainability of voting material.

High-quality components.
Compressors of renowned brands.
To provide you with quality equipment, Poolex partners with major manufacturers of parts such as DAIKIN and COPELAND. These excellent quality components ensure a functioning and sustainable without surprises.
These compressors all benefit from a 5-year warranty.

A heat exchanger in titanium... guaranteed for life!
Heat exchangers used in heat Poolex pumps are equipped with a double coil in titanium with the highest possible heat exchanging surface.
These optimal conditions of energy transfers allow to reach and maintain a COP (coefficient of performance) very important, guaranteeing you a free energy over 80%.
Heat exchangers titanium Poolex heat pumps are guaranteed for life against chemical corrosion.

The quieter to operate.
With its ultra quiet compressor and strongly attenuated his fan noise, Poolex Triline Selection 180 heat pump is one of the quietest market with less 36db at 10 meters.

Always more economical and ecological.
A principle combining energy savings and ecology.

The principle of the heat pump is ecological and economical: it feeds the calories present in the air in order to create free energy and releases it to your water.
Considered average for 1kW of electricity consumed, your heat pump renders equivalent to 5kW. So, you get 80% of free energy.
The relationship between energy consumed and energy actually returned is called COP (coefficient of performance), it allows to measure the energy efficiency of a pump to heat. Poolex heat pumps are of the current European COP best and are part of the most successful market.

A clean and efficient refrigerant.
Finally, the refrigerant R410-A last generation, having no impact on the ozone layer, is used in place and place the former R407C, well too polluting.

The benefits of the Triline Selection 320 Poolex heat pump.

Excellent Coefficient of Performance (COP): compressor and capacitor Selection high quality, double coil ultra efficient, high performance evaporator heat exchanger
Quiet operation: less than 37 dBA at 10 meters with silent compressor high quality fan with noise reduced, airtight case anti-vibration, fixings on Silent-Block
Touch & Go system: use simple and intuitive to turn the CAP and select the temperature. Box with digital display
Ideal for large pools
Compatible with all types of water treatment

Equipment, safety & features.
3 modes reversible heat pump: heating / automatic / cooling
Smart device with automatic thermostatic control
Body in ABS (anti-corrosion) designed for installation outdoors
Daikin compressor performance
Condenser water titanium exchanger (double-coil)
Advanced function of automatic defrosting by reverse cycle
Refrigerant R-410a (greener)

General characteristics Poolex Triline Selection.
Power supply: three-phase 380-415V / 50 Hz
Expect cable: 4 x 1.5 mm²
Hydraulic connection: PVC Ø 50 mm
Heating range: 8 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Operating range:-10 ° C ~ 43 ° C
Reversible model with 3 modes: heating / automatic / cooling
Programming LCD screen
Refrigerant gas R410A (more environmentally friendly)
Controller of water flow incorporated

Performance of the Poolex Triline Premium 320 Cap.
Air 20 ° C - 24 ° C water
Power consumption (W): 6470 W
Restored power (w): 36300 W
Current (A): 17.03 A (5.68 A / phase)
COP: 5.61
Air 15 ° C - water 26 ° C
Power consumption (W): 6410 W    
Restored power (w): 32050 W
Current (A): 16,86 A (5.62 A / phase)
COP: 5.00
35 ° C - 27 ° C water, air
Power consumption (W): 8270 W   
Restored power (w): 28200 W
Coef. EFF. Refrigeration EER: 3.41

Technical characteristics Poolex Triline Selection.
Recommended water volume: 160 to 220 m3
Min (m3/H) water flow: 9.2 m3/H
(A) maximum intensity: 18.1 A
Power max (W): 11860
Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 1043 x 950 x 1068 mm
Weight (Kg): 170 Kg
Sound pressure at 1 m: ≤54 dBA
4 m acoustic pressure: ≤44 dBA
Pressure acoustic 10 m: ≤38 dBA
Water heat exchanger: Titanium PVC Tank
Compressor type: Scroll
The compressor brand: DANFOSS
Power supply: 380-451V / 50 Hz
Volume pool (m3) max: 220 m3
Power kW: 32 kW
Electrical installation: three-phase
Sound pressure at 10 m (dBA): 38dBA
Sound pressure at 4 m (dBA): 44dBA
Sound pressure at 1 m (dBA): 54dBA
Reversible (heated and cooled): Yes
All seasons: Yes
Defrost type: automatic cycle reversal
Defrost: Yes
Cooling fluid: R410A
Compressor: Scroll
ERA: 3.41
COP 35 ° C: 5.61
COP 15 ° C: 5.00
Max volume: 220
Range of power (kW): 26-32 kW
Guarantee: 2 years, compressor 5 years, exchanger to life

This high-quality article is a selection of the equipment for pools and Fitness specialist FitMarina.

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